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Thinking about buying a new car is weird. Here's how it's gone so far:

1) Focus ST? Fun, commodious, X-Plan pricing. But if I'm looking at hot hatches, I should look at the...


2) Golf R? Nice, but for the mid $30s I could get a...

3) BMW 128i? Feels amazing, actually just as expensive as a kitted ST if I'm leasing thanks to the vagaries of Chicago tax law... But hey, I just got a raise! And on the lot there's a...


4) BMW 135is? Zoom zoom. $$$$$. If we're talking $40K coupes why not the...

5) Audi A5? Beautiful inside and out, plus I get a 6% discount through work.

What am I doing? I should get a grip. My current car has 93hp. I'm back to the ST and 128i (6MT, natch). Thoughts?


Pic related: this is $5500 in California. Homina.

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