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Aston Martin Baby Stroller

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Aston Martin is teaming up with British pram-maker Silver Cross to build a limited-edition stroller. Perhaps the Cygnet isn't lowering Aston's CAFE average enough.


Anyway, it's equipped with everything you'd expect an AM stroller to have. Aluminum/magnesium chassis? Check. Tri-spoke alloy wheels (modelled after the One-77)? Duh. Alcantara/leather seat and harness (5-point, hopefully) is also standard. And an air-suspension to keep your youngun comfortable.

Power-to-weight is variable, but it's 25lbs. or so, so start working out.

Price? As usual, if you have to ask, it's not for you. But if you must know, it's about $3000. Sure it seems like a bit much, but's probably the cheapest way to get your hands on a genuine Aston!

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